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    Default USPS Limits on shipping queens.

    I've been shipping queens for quite a few years now and haven't run into any place in the lower 50 where I couldn't ship, but I did finally run into one shipment this week that they wouldn't except by Express mail, though they would by Priority mail.

    That said, I've never been able to find a list of these live delivery exceptions on the internet anywhere, but the local office provided me with a document listing the zip codes where they would not ship bees to by Express and or Priority mail. If anyone knows if they have an official list posted I'd love to know.

    I was told they provided a phone number to another beekeeper so he could call before each shipment, but I ship way to many some weeks to call on each one.

    If anyone wants to see the list I was provided, I've posted it here:


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    Smile Re: USPS Limits on shipping queens.

    Hey Tim,

    I have run into that issue once before too using FedEx and shipping to Shreveport, LA. However, the very next week I went in and tried the same order to the same zip and they took it without any hasle at all. I try to use UPS overnight air for orders of 50+ (which is most) and USPS priority mail for the little ones. I think it just depends on who is working when you take them in. lol. I get the names of the good ones and try to schedule my shipments around them working. We can't help how they will be handled once they are out of our hands, but at least it makes me feel a little better when the person at the counter has some idea of the process. Oh, and if you find an official list, please let me know... I will keep checking this forum to see what others have run into. Good Luck!


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