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    Default Wax Moth Question

    I caught a swarm in the early summer that was to small to make it. The hive that they were in had a small amount of comb on one frame. Not thinking I stacked it with some more supers that I had in my shed. All of the supers had frames and foundation. There is a small amount of web on about three sheets of foundation in the super that had comb. Can I freeze the super and frames put in new foundation and be okay or will freezing kill the wax moth cysts, eggs? If I have to I will throw away the frames and start over.

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    Default Re: Wax Moth Question

    Freezing it will work

    But if you just clean of the wax moth webs and cocoons and place on a strong queen wright hive they will clean them out

    There is always a few wax moth present even in the strong hives hiding in so small cracks or crevice where bees cant get to them.

    As you inspect hive's and pull out frame you will see a wax larva here and there


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