I started this thread in the general forum but no one seems to want to answer. Do any of you queen breeders know if bees move larva?

I made a 4-frame split Thursday evening, gave them Friday to realize the queen wasn't around, and went in this morning to make On-the-Spot cuts so they'd build queen cells there.

Pulled out a frame that had some old wax moth damage on it, and found this:

I didn't think the queen was even laying in that area--you can see the nectar and pollen being stored surrounding the cups, and there isn't ANY young brood on that whole side of the frame! Would the bees build a cup in a convenient area and MOVE eggs or larva into it?? (I mean, we do it with grafting...) Will they ever build a cup around a cell with no larva/eggs? I see three cups, with maybe the beginning of a fourth (right below the bottom right cup).

I hadn't ever heard of such things happening...

Practiced making some OTS cuts anyways. The bees' queen will probably hatch out first, but ah well.

Please chime in if you have any inputs on this! I'm quite confused!