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    Default Re: Need Advice on Mice please

    You are correct on the statement that snake need not eat that often-perhaps several would suffice .

    Those blue cubes that were mentioned worked excellent years ago, I thing that they had cumadin in them-blood thinner-mice and rats as I remember could not regurgitate so once they injestested the bait they were goners.

    Mice traps snap em good but then you need to either remove the trapped critter or toss the traps and all.

    One thing to remember= Mice around where I live at least are a vehicle for ticks to use-I hate ticks, that is the reason I am so fond of snakes in this area, lots of snakes mean fewer mice and chipmunks, hopefully.

    Check yourself over good when finished with the removal of the critters from traps, do not be careless and get a tick bite if you live in a tick area.

    I am presently on antibiotics for a recent bite of a tick and have Lyme disease, this is the second time in my life for the terrible disease and this time I blame it on not being cautious enough for just just one time.

    Hope you get the mice under control.
    "Younz" have a great day, I will.

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    Default Re: Need Advice on Mice please

    No snakes.

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    Default Re: Need Advice on Mice please


    I'd sell that cat for Confederate dollars if somebody would take him.


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