Well, it seems like my wife's nueropathy has started to take a turn for the worse again. She's been rather healthy/pain free for quite a while but now it seems that it may be coming back to some extent. It seems to progress at somewhat regular intervals.
Her lower back and her legs from the calf down have had shooting pains for the last few days. And, just as in the past, the back pain has been unbearable to the point where she's in tears at times. And just as in the past, beestings offer the only instant relief.
I've stung her in a pattern over her lower spine twice now in the past week when her pain was becoming unmanageable with seven or eight stings both times and both times it has helped her tremendously. She can go from near tears to up and functional with only dull pain after the stings.
We are both thrilled that the stings help control the pain with less prescription medication.
Please, if you suffer from chronic pain, try it.