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    Default Dadant - Frankfort, KY

    I had an experience with dadant - Frankfort, KY and wanted to share this bit of information. People are qucik to jump on their bad experiences and I just had a shocker of a good one. I ordered a Dadant steam boiler and 3000w heater a few weeks ago. I put it together this past Monday and was having an issue with the heater keeping my temperature up to the point to produce steam. I spoke with Richard and explained my issue and he had a replacement at my door the next day. No waiting for the return, and then shipping, as most companies do today. He took my word and trust. His priority was to get me running and I really appreciate his concern for a small operator as I am. The Dadant Steam Boiler is an awesome product and I recommend Dadant - Frankfort, KY!

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    The folks at the Frankfort branch of Dadant are top notch.


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