I have a new TBH and this is my first experience with beekeeping. I was late starting this year and put bees in my new hive on July 2nd. Within 4-5 days, they had started one small comb. I have been feeding 2:1 sugar water inside the hive since the first day. I've tried to leave them alone and have just watched a little thru the viewing window. With the feeder inside, I don't see much action outside the hive but have watched them (thru the window) hanging in huge groups from the bars and assumed they were building comb. Yesterday, I opened it up and have four pieces of comb, each covering more than half of the bar and within three inches of the bottom. I lifted each of them out and they are mostly filled with uncapped liquid. I don't know if this is just sugar water or honey. Lightly scattered throughout are open cells with what looks like gooey orangish pollen. But there are not any capped cells and I didn't see any eggs or larvae. I was nervous since I'm new at this and didn't keep it opened up for long. Here's my question. Is that probably pollen I'm seeing? And if it's pollen, does that mean they are collecting food for brood? I'm worried that I don't have a queen. I bought an established queen and bees from a Lang hive. I've read ABC to XYC Bee Culture and would've thought I should be seeing capped brood cells by now. Any body have any advice as to what I'm seeing? Is pollen a sign that a queen is laying and I don't know what I'm looking at? Thanks.