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    Arrow Please Read Before Posting

    ****** This forum is not to be used for commercial/business purposes unless you already have access to the For Sale forum. ******

    Guidelines for Wanted


    *Give a clear description of what you are looking
    for. Include the price range. Also include a range
    of what condition you are willing to accept.

    *Include contact information.

    *List a geographical range you are willing to go to
    pick up if applicable.

    *If you obtain what you are looking for please post
    that you have and let the moderator know.

    *Posts that do not include this information will be deleted.

    Help Wanted

    *List what experience is required.

    *Be descriptive on the time frame and hours, ie 25 hours
    a week for 3 months.

    *Give compensation details. ie Pay, housing, meals,


    *Respond only if you have questions about the listing. Do not post replies stating you have the product/service that is being sought after! Reply to the original poster via PM or email with your details. This forum is basically for one way public communication.

    *If you are just curious, take that question to another
    forum section like "Equipment" or "Beekeeping 101".

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