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    Default Hello from Richmond, VA

    I have a two week old 8 frame hive started from a local beekeepers nuc. I live on the edge of the city and have lots of great food for my bees in the garden(now if it would just rain!). I took the beekeeping basics course through the VA beekeepers at Lewis Ginter and it was great! Anyone else new in Richmond who wants to compare notes get in touch. I plan on attending monthly meetings starting in the fall to keep up with bee knowledge.
    My daughter loves putting her suit on and even my husband likes to check out the comings and goings around the hive.

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    Default Re: Hello from Richmond, VA

    Welcome to beesource - enjoy
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    I love Richmond! I'll bet it's a great place to keep bees.

    (I used to work at the now-departed Theatre Viginia at the Museum of Fine Art.)


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