has been quoted too many times, but in this case, this IS the question!

I've had a nightmare situation with robbing over the last couple of months and lost 3 out of my six hives to this. There has been a pretty severe drought up here and I think this is what is making for this relentless robbing. Please see my previous post and discussion on this:


My question is this: I have the opportunity to obtain some excellent bees from "The Fat Bee Man", Don Kuchenmeister, and I'm very fearful that if I bring these nucs into my yard, I will loose them to my three stong bandit hives (which I would not be surprised to see robbing each other when I return next week!). I'm tempted just to wait until next year to build up what I lost.

Short of moving my present hives somewhere else, or putting my nucs in another location, I'd be very grateful for you thoughts and suggestions on this.