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Thread: why lebron?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
    You're starting to get this pop culture down.
    werd up!!

    This old dog knows alota new tricks. I listen.

    I love the looks on the faces of Indian Americans when I greet them w/ namaste for the first time. They aren't expecting it.

    I know I'm going to get in trouble one of these days. life goes on.

    So, who did he go w/? Or should I ask, who went w/ him? Seriously, I don't listen to everything.
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    Mark Berninghausen

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    Im not attachted to lebron on the cavs. Im not mad at lebron for leaving. It called FREE AGENCY. FREE being the key word. It the way in which he did it.

    He didnt do this big 1 hour embarrassing show just to raise money for the boys and girls club. Thats just how it ended up. It would be no big deal if he told the cavs when he knew that he wasnt gonna stay in clevland. But NO, he had to turn anything around him into a big circus. Theres speculation that this has been the works since the 2008 olympics.

    as I said before s

    there will also be lots of jobs lost in downtown clevland. Forget the exact figure but its a lot.
    Chris Cree
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