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    Big Grin Hello from The Commonwealth of VA!

    Greetings everyone! I am holding down the fort if it were here in the city of Richmond, VA. We have had high temps before and that is not unusual but our lawns and farms etc have turned brown and are very dry. Last month we had a month of pop up afternoon thunderstorms much like FL. I have 5 hives now, one queenless and I will have to probably put a frame of brood and fresh eggs in to get one going. Local queenrearers are two or three weeks out in more queens. The word I get from them is that the hives are acting like it is late summer and slowing down brood rearing etc until some more pollen and nectar come in. I did have one hive die out after starting with the nectar flow. Not sure what happened but by me being busy I did not see what was going on until cappings were piled deep on the bottom board. Wax moths took it from there. Life does go on. Hope to do some queen rearing next year as I read about grafting etc and heard a very good podcast from David Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farm in IL. on the Wildlife Pro Network. He mentioned the dos and don'ts also that help newbies out well. Hope to learn buches more here. Peace Steve

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    Default Re: Hello from The Commonwealth of VA!

    Welcome. Lots of good stuff here.



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