I am finding dead larvae. Still in the cells. Not capped. They are white, but not chalky, not mummified, not glistening. They appear to be dry (not wet and shiny) but not dried out either. The dead white larvae easily fall out of the cell. They look to be stunted - no longer worm-like larvae, but more like a sphere, as if the head only of what would have been the pupae is still present. I saw a worker removing one today, but there is not a collection of removed corpses anywhere. Most of the corpses are still in the cells.

I did find one that appears brown/black, swollen and slimy. But all the others fit the description above.

I have a month old top bar hive, and a three week old queen. No mentor. I would describe the capped cell pattern as somewhat spotty/shotgun.

The bees accepted my new queen three weeks ago. I see her and she appears fine. But I do see two eggs in some cells.

Thank you for any help!