I have a first year Observation Top Bar Hive. I captured a swarm of feral bees and installed them into my OTBH may 8th! They have done great ever since! June 7th i added a top bar to the brood area and added another bar around the end of june to the brood area! Today i went to just visually inspect in the observation window and on the outside the tbh and the stand up hive sitting next to it had new emerged bees doing their first test flights. I opened up the window and i took notice that they have 5 almost 6 top bars full of capped honey at the other end of the TBH! I was wanting to know if you harvested all the capped honey bars or do you leave a few of the capped honey bars for the bees or do you leave all of it for them???? My first time harvesting off the TBH and didnt want to take anymore then i needed and plus i heard that you want to make the area smaller for less space to heat of a winter, i didnt know if that was true or not so thats why i wanted to find out the correct way to harvest a TBH. The brood area is going strong, new bees are still emerging, the TBH is my strongest hive! Thanks for any help or advice that you might have pertaining to harvesting capped honey in a TBH! I appreciate it!