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    Default Ener-G-Plus-Bee-Diet... any opinions?

    I may buy a dry pollen-sub but I have some questions.

    1. With Brushy Mt. shipping from PA I may buy from them, and I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion of "Ener-G-Plus-Bee-Diet"?

    2. If I buy a sack of this stuff now, will it still be good in the Spring? I have my doubts.

    3. Is it worth going to the trouble of making syrup and mixing-up patties at home? I have my doubts.

    If I bought patties now, would frozen patties still be fine in the spring?

    Perhaps I should buy just a 5lb bag of something for now...
    Trying to think inside the box...

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    Default Re: Ener-G-Plus-Bee-Diet... any opinions?

    I decided not to mix and just buy the patties premade, its enough trouble making sugar syrup. If you keep them frozen, they'll be fine in the spring.


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