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    It would be flattering to receive these e-mails, but when you get two of them back-to-back, you know they are just blanketing the Internet with what I suppose to be a scam.

    Jackson, MO


    I want to make inquiries,for a a private beekeeping class for a group of 7 adults for 4 weeks or more,depending on the routine of your classes,this classes will run through the month of Aug through Sept,in between the dates 2nd/08/2010 to 2th/09/2010,if my request is granted,i would be glad to also make plans for training kits if possible or necessary, confirm as well if supplies can be made for the group for there training with you,feel free to make references to us about hotels,guest houses close to your training facility or site ,please advise.What are your payment option ?Do you accept 50% deposit via credit cards?Get back to me in details with necessary information we need to know,enclose the total cost of your services plus $7500 for our medical services,or an estimate of the cost of this project,i await your suggestions and reply towards our request.hope to hear from you soon.
    Jim Black
    United Kingdom
    Beekeeping With Twenty-five Hives:

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    Yeah, and just wait for them to ask for a cash refund of their "Medical expenses deposit" He says he's in England, but I'll wager a dollar to a donut he's not English - look at his abysmal use of the language! If it looks like a scam, walks like a scam, and talks like a scam, guess what?
    "If all you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail." - A.H. Maslow

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    American made Honey Processing Equipment "Built to last a lifetime"

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    just for fun I'd call and get you a CC number to hold the reservation and or ask him to send the cash. I do that with the's fun to take away their stolen CC #'s, and quite easy to do so. It's amazing how dumb people take other people for.
    "You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because you are all the same."

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    These criminals send you a bogus cashier's check which, invariably, the banks discover long after it has cleared your account and you've refunded the crooks part or all their money.

    You are the one from whom the bank will retrieve the money.



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