The Western Apicultural Society held its charter Annual Conference in 1978. The goal of the society is to provide educational information on honey bees and beekeeping to their members and anyone else who wishes to join the Society or attend the Annual Conference.

Conference coordinators, frequently affiliated with research institutions, try to find venues geared toward minimal walking, roomy locations for exhibitors' displays, comfortable accommodations for both presentations and lodging, all at a reasonable price.

Presenters at the Annual Conference include beekeepers explaining beekeeping in the local area, university and government laboratory honey bee researchers, and others affiliated with bee products, such as apitherapists.

WAS does not become involved in honey bee politics. Since many of the members are non-commercial beekeepers, they do not desire to have the Society involved in issues that may impact the livelihoods of commercial beekeepers. Those with strong feelings about political issues also are members of state and national beekeeping organizations.