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    Default Hello from Duluth, Georgia

    Hello all,

    I started a new hive about a month ago. I think all is going well, but would like to connect with a "real" beekeeper. My family had a couple of hives when I was a teenager, that I helped with. But, I didn't really learn much!

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    Default Re: Hello from Duluth, Georgia

    It's important to join a local beekeeping group. Are any of these associations in your area?
    To everything there is a season....

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    Default Re: Hello from Duluth, Georgia

    Welcome, there are plenty of beekeepers in Georgia. I hope you find one close.

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    Default Re: Hello from Duluth, Georgia

    There's a,.. "Duluth", Georgia!!?

    I always thought Duluth was only in Minnesota. The land of long, frigid, cold winters and short summers. Where they mostly play hockey,..all year long,.

    "Duluth's [Georgia] forefather, cotton merchant Evan Howell, constructed a road connecting his cotton gin at the Chattahoochee River with Old Peachtree Road, creating Howell's Cross Roads. The settlement later became known as Howell's Crossing."

    "The town was renamed Duluth in 1871 after Congress approved funding for a north-south railroad connecting it with the better known Duluth, Minnesota, which is in turn named for Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut. Evan Howell was on hand for the renaming ceremony. Duluth's founding fathers apparently chose the name after a satirical speech, "The Untold Delights of Duluth," given by Congressman J. Proctor Knott of Kentucky during the debate over the railroad bill." >> Wiki

    Interesting;.. huh,...

    Welcome to Beesource.


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