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Thread: Bear got me!

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    Default Bear got me!

    I went to check my hive today and found this. I was lucky as far as bear damage goes it only got 4 frames, a styrafoam cover and my screened bottom board was damaged. I had several strands of barbed wire spaced about 8 inches apart up to about 6 feet for a fence (NOT electrified) I'll be getting the fence charger tomorrow. Let my mistake be a lesson to anyone thinking about skimping on a good electrified fence.

    (very large picture)

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    Default Re: Bear got me!

    It just hurts to see that, doesn't it? My sympathies -- I've been through it.

    I hope you were able to put the hive in a safe place tonight, because chances are he'll (she'll) return looking for another snack.

    When I went through this, it took me a couple days to get things straightened out and my fencing in place. So I loaded my 3 hives into my vehicle at night. Came out the next morning to find muddy bear paw prints all over it, even the roof. But I guess he wasn't as skilled as some of those bears in our national parks that can pop cars right open. And thank goodness.

    Good luck.


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