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    Default What to do with burr comb?


    Yesterday I inspected the hive I installed from a package in early May. 2 weeks ago I added a super above the hive chamber.

    In this weekend's inspection I noted that the bees have been building some comb on tops and bottoms of frames. This is burr comb, right? So what should I do with it?

    I scraped it off, but was unsure what to do with that wax. I let some of it fall down to the screened bottom board, and some more I left just outside the hive. Any suggestions for my future inspections?

    FYI also got my first sting, when I was reassembling the hive. I think I crushed a few bees when putting the super back on, and gee, they didn't like that.

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    Default Re: What to do with burr comb?

    I was told to leave it just outside the side of the hive on a side away from other hives. Then the bees will clean it by morning. Then you can take it to the house, rinse it, melt it, filter it, then sell it by the pound to frame manufacturers for $X.XX per pound along with you uncappings. Or you could make candles...

    Later, John

    P.S. I was told, I tried, and it worked.

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    Default Re: What to do with burr comb?

    I just leave it because the bees will make more anyways. If it is filled with honey put it in a container and take it home with you to eat. Tossing it on the ground in the bee yard can cause robbing and it will attract pest(bugs and animals).
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    Default Re: What to do with burr comb?

    we put it in a bucket and melt it with our other cappings and wax
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