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    Default Hello from Missouri

    This is my 2nd year with two hives. Question: Heat index in the 100's shade is provided by 3:00-4:00 pm. Should I provide shade earlier in the day and how?

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    Hi Janice,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Full sun is not a bad thing if your hive are painted a light color and there is a good amount of ventilation, such as a screened bottom board, and inner cover with the 2 grooves to allow air to move freely. Full sun helps with control of Small Hive beetles (SHB), warms the hive in the morning, and generally gets them started on their day.

    The problem is when they have to use bees to cool the hive, foraging dwindles and thus your honey production suffers.

    My "perfect scenario" is full sun in the morning up until 3pm; then dappled sun/shade for the rest of the day during the summer. I can't think of one hives that is set in the "perfect" location. This is mainly due to my laziness in moving the hives 2 feet per day to a slightly different spot in the yard. So close-enough is good for now!!

    If you see your bees hanging out on the front of the hive day after day then you know that you may want to prop the cover open or take some other action to help them stay cool.

    It sounds to me like you picked a pretty good spot the first time out!!! Kudos, BRAVO ZULU, Good Job!!!

    Hope this helps.
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    I am from Northeast MO and I don't think full all day shade is necessary, but I would think about putting some shims under your top cover for ventilation. I use them when the heat index goes to 100 to help the girls out.

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    Janice,Welcome to the fourm. I live in Fair Grove, Mo.(12 miles north of Sprfld, Mo.) are you a member of the Ozarks Beekeepers Assd. ? if not we meet the 4th Tues. of every month at the South libary on S. Campbell st. at 7:00pm. ( this coming Tues.) Everyone is welcome and you can get a wealth of info from many long time beekeepers. Jack

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    Welcome, it is much hotter in Florida, Texas and Arizona. My girls are working on their second and third supers without dying of heat exhaustion. I gave them deeps since that is what the workshop students donated to the teaching hives this year. I have to agree with the ventilation and my hives are in full sun for small hive beetle control too.


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