My bees arrived. I got my very first bees, a nuc of Russians. Boy are they dark little beauties! Some almost all black! And despite the rumor that I heard that they were more aggressive than Italians, they were delightfully well mannered, not stinging and allowing this clumsy newbeek to feel right at home almost immediately. I think I'm in love!

Now for the test. I put them in the suspended nuc box under the tbh. I want to post a picture, but can't figure it out.

With any luck they will move up and start building and when Queen starts laying up there I will yank the box and put in a floor and WA LA!

There was only one scary moment where we could not find Queen anywhere and it turns out she was in the pile of left over bees on the bottom of the old nuc. YIKES! We scooped her up and put her in. I hope she's ok!!!!

Gotta say, I think this Newbeek is HOOKED!