Just to caveat this post... I am not distressed, or worried, or concerned. I am actually a bit excited that I may be on my way to gaining another queen! (which would let me start another hive) I am just not 100% sure how to proceed.

Over the past week I have watched the bees (through the observation window) create what seems to be queen cups (not capped yet). I have counted three of theses cups (from the window) that are larger than the surround cells, on the very edge of the comb, and are being worked on with the cell hole oriented almost vertically down. Again.. they are on the edges, not the face of the comb. (I am assuming that these are more likely to be the start of swarm cells then.)

Since expanding the brood nest last week I added 4 new bars in between 5 other bars of straight brood comb. 2 of these bars are built up nicely (50-60% built) with fresh new comb, 2 of the bars have not a singles cell on them yet. (Full brood bars 6-7-8-9-10.. empty in between 6-7 and 9-10.. partially built between 7-8 and 8-9) I cannot tell if any of the new comb has eggs in it yet from just looking through the observation window.

I still have yet to have a second hive or nuc built yet. My thoughts are to first open the hive and observe to see if any of the new comb has eggs in it. I also plan to see if I can find the existing queen. If they are swarm cells, I assume that I should expand the hive a bit correct? Any thoughts on why two of the bars I have added have not been touched by the bees?

I may take one of the bars with cells on it, and place it in a new hive. Thoughts?

Any other advice or things I should consider.