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Thread: Doubled-up comb

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    Default Doubled-up comb

    I've got a hive (its first year) that has the side of one frame virtually covered in a second layer of comb. I had forgotten to put the 9th frame into the brood box, so the bees had a little more room than I had intended.

    Honey is beginning to flow copiously (I'm in Minnesota), and the bees are very active.

    I'm a little afraid to take that second layer off and toss it, because the queen might be there. (The queen is unmarked, since the hive is in its first year and the packaged queen is unmarked.)

    Should I leave that second layer in place, or take it off?

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    Default Re: Doubled-up comb

    cut it out and put it over the inner cover with an empty super on top for a spacer, with the top on the empty super. if the queen is there, she'll go down the center hole in your inner cover asap. remove it in 24 hours. good luck,mike
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    Default Re: Doubled-up comb

    If there is brood in the comb just cut it out and rubber band it in an empty frame.

    If this is a 10 frame box you need to put all ten frames in it and push them up tight to one side or they will just build more burr comb. They do not like too much bee space or they will build comb in it.


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    Default Re: Doubled-up comb

    Ditto what G3farms said

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