Hi all, I'm new here and need advice!

Two packages of bees from Spell Bee in GA. shipped by UPS Monday June 1, arrived damaged, bees loose in cardboard box, shipped back to Spell Bee.

They re-sent the next Monday the 8th, the packages got to Louisville, Ky same day, stayed there until Friday, arrived today, 8 days later.

ON Thursday while the bees were "stuck" in Louisville for "who knows what reason", Spell Bee said they would send AGAIN today, 3rd time!

So now I still have two packages to arrive this Wednesday, and I picked up the poor bees that were sent 8 days ago. Maybe 1/2 to 2/3 still alive. Have sprayed them with 1/1 sugar water.

So, I do not want to install these bees into my two freshly build top bar hives, would prefer to put the next packages in (assuming they get here ON TIME AND UNDAMAGED)

So, what can I do for these two packages right now?

How can I combine them into one "good hive" right now? It would have to be a cardboard box, I could wire some bars into the top, so that any comb they build could be installed into another top bar hive when I get it built...should I put them into a box with a sheet of newspaper in between so they can get acquainted slowly? Should I put both queens in and let them "fight it out"?

Please let me know what I can do with these two packages...

I don't want to just let them all die!