So i want to strengthen my recently hived TBH and have the opportunity to take a few fames from another hive. Never done this before. Done some research in this forum but not finding exactly the answer i'm looking for (which i'm sure is easy).

So i have 10 bars set up all the way to the right ( of the hive with room for 16 more.

Question is: Could i simply insert the new frames on the left side (follower board is already in place obviously) and open the left side entrance thereby allowing the new bees to become accustomed to their new home and pheramones? Or is the divider board too thick and will encourage the new bees to raise a new queen? would it be better to remove the follower/divider board and use newspaper?

Apologies if this has been discussed ad nauseum before but i didn't find the answer.

Thanks in advance!