This is from a total newbie. In fact my bee don't even arrive for a week!

but for all it is worth, I am putting a bottom board in my KTBH that is interchangeable. One is a screen for summer, one a solid board for winter and one will hold a nuc box (gondola style) attached under the TBH open to the bars.

My hope is that the Nuc that is arriving next week will move up and into the TBH. they will be using the TBH entrance and I am going to cut the frame with honey and put it up there on a top bar.

I'm so new to this I am thinking it might work! Beginners luck? <sigh>
any ideas are appreciated. i will post pictures when I can!


who would have thought that a person could be SO EXCITED about a bee delivery? i'm trying to assure my kids that their arrival was just as exciting...