I'd like to update a thread weekly or fortnightly on whats going on @ my apiary. Bare in mind, Australia is 6 months out of season for you fella's in the states - Im smack in the middle of maintenance time here right now!!


I run about 10 hives as a hobby on the farm here (Ballina, NSW, Australia) I have a real job that lets me pay for all this - haha.

Anyhow, just got thru making up some bottom boards - I modified them slightly for beetle captruing etc

Knocked together 10 full depth supers, and a few lids I had lying around in the flat. I assemble everything with the crown stapler these days - no nails.

Had to timber bog fill the holes left over from the crown stapler, then give the edges a bit of a rounding off with the sander. A coat of oil based primer (thats the white paint). All the exposed edges get 2 coats of primer. All done with a 3" wide paint brush.