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    Newbie this year with one TBH. Looking for input from you experienced folks.

    Installed 3# packaged 1 month ago. Gave them 9 bars. Two weeks later gave them 5 more.

    Yesterday, about 4 weeks after install I noticed that all 9 bars are fully drawn, with significant capped brood and some honey. They started on the next 5, but not significantly.

    They are also taking about a quart of syrup every 4 or 5 days.

    All this sound normal?

    I searched around the forum, but didn't find much about time to draw comb.


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    Sounds to me like all is well. The bees are probably not interested in drawing comb if the don't have the population to cover it. Once some of the existing brood emerge you should see more comb building and once a heavy nectar flow starts you will see lots of comb building for honey storage.

    Syrup intake sounds light, probably due to the fact that they have all they need in the great outdoors. You can probably remove the feeder if you want to.

    Chris Harvey--Teakwood Organics

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    yea this time of year the clover is starting where I live, so they have all the food they need, just make sure they have some honey stored for themselves (they should by now) if you get a whole weeks of rain you might need to feed again but otherwise sounds good.
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