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    If you go to this site you will see some great Videos.

    When you get in click on the flag in the upper right it will turn to British flag. then go to the search section at the left and put in bees. Some videos are not in English but they are still good

    The ones with the green hive boxes and the lady bee keeper are the best.

    Check out how she uses the goose feather.

    This is a very good video C 13136 put that number in the search section. Has anyone done swarm prevention that way?

    I would like to know more about the green hive boxes if anyone has information let me know.

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    If these are the German Beekeeping Videos that have been on beesource before, the green supers are syrofoam hives, which you can, or could, get from Betterbee.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    thanks for posting this was very good

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    They look like polystyrene hives, but they aren't the same as the betterbee beemax hives. The Euro hives look thicker, have a rebate in the bottoms/tops that makes them stack straight, and keeps water out (I would think it would anyway), and the tops have a pitch built in to shed water. Plus they have a completely different bottom board. The equipment we use in America looks downright crude in comparison. Might not make any difference to the bees, but I bet it does.

    Good find on the video site. Thanks.


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