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    Question Top Bars getting double combs


    I tried to standardize on one size of top bar for 3 of my tbhs. However, after seeing some of the bars getting two combs built on them, I adjusted the brood bars to 1 1/4 for my 4th hive. This adjustment is working out fine for that hive.

    However, I have 3 hives that have built 2 combs on 1 bar. These are brood combs which I plan on moving out from the brood are into the honey area in order to move in smaller bars. What other options do I have with this double comb building? This problem is my fault for trying to use a on size fits all top bar width.

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    Default Re: Top Bars getting double combs

    Scrape one comb off and then place that bar between two drawn combs. The bees will fix the remaining comb. If the remaining comb is too far out of whack, scrape off both combs and put that bar between two drawn combs.


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