I've decided to go to foundationless Langstroth hives. I have two that I'm running that way and I was thinking of moving my last holdout -- the remaining KTBH -- into a foundationless Lang box so that everything can move around, make splits, etc. The KTBH is about 18 months old and relatively strong, but it is no where near bee tight and I've had troubles with robbing. I've employed various techniques to deter the robbing but I find myself wishing they were in a Lang box that was bee tight and I could just reduce their entrance.

How hard is it, really, to cut out the frames and move them to a Lang hive? They have about 28 frames or so drawn fully out. Most is at least a year old, so hardened wax and not the new squishy stuff. Is this worth it, or should I just move the thing to where it can be away from the rest of my hives when it gets robbed (as it will invariably happen due to the warped, less than bee tight, construction).

Thoughts? If I do cut out, what is the best (easiest for me) way to do it?

I really appreciate the advice. I'm trying to look closely at what I'm doing before I leap in and start cutting wax.