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    Default lesson learned in cut-out

    did one Monday morning before it got too hot. sorry, no pics..sticky honey covered gloves and cameras don't go together...

    they were in an old vacant house. owners told me I could cut as much as I needed. they had only been in there about 1 week. but there was some old comb there from previous bees.

    the house had lap siding..I just popped a chalkline right up the stud and hit it with the skilsaw. there was a window on one side so it only required one cut.

    as I removed the boards, the bees started moving upwards. the bee vac worked like a charm! once I had all the old comb out, I noticed a bee coming out of a hole in the top board where the comb was attached..then another, and another..finally I stuck my finger in the hole and the wood was really rotten..then i started wondering where this hole lead I pulled the rotten wood out, more and more bees were in there! I decided I may need to get the saw again. I cut the top board on the other side of the stud just to check, and VOILA!

    the bees, and I mean a buttload of them had escaped(so they thought) to safety thru the small hole..I'd guess there were probably 2+ pounds of them in there...all nicely balled up clinging to each other..the bee vac went into action once again..

    I also noticed something I have never noticed before. I had my vac hanging from the wall. the exhaust was pointing away from where I was working..after I sucked up the 'found' bees, I noticed alotta bees hanging out in front of the vac. they'd go towards the exhaust hole, and when they'd try to enter, of course they'd be blown away, only to get in line again and try again..this made me wonder If I had the queen in there, or just the smell of the other bees...but I had never seen it before, so I'm reporting it!

    so, the lesson learned is those little insects are very sneaky...the only 2 cut-outs I've done have been in old rotten buildings, and on both occasions, they had an exit they they used to hide from if you're doing one, make sure you look for ANY small exit holes and investigate them I'd be willing to bet that the queen was in the hidden bees yesterday......

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    Default Re: lesson learned in cut-out

    I found the one time I've used my bee vac so far that the free bees were attracted to the exhaust coming out of the fan. There was no queen as this was the softball size remains of a swarm I caught the day before. The deep I used was a heavily propolized and was religated to this job as it had seen better days. The homeless bees were instantly drawn to it as I set it up. When I released them next to where I had hived their swarm the day before they quickly headed into the "new hive".
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