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    Default Newly established tbh swarmed with new queen cells in process


    I inspected my 4th top bar hive Saturday. This is the hive that absconded and had a second package installed. The built well, and the queen had a very good laying pattern. However, during this last inspection, I had no eggs, and only capped brood. Most of the bees are are newly emerged and sill have the nice white hairs on their bodies. I even watched some of them emerge during this inspection.

    Although disappointed that I had lost the queen, I was happy to see 4 queen cells that had been capped. The bees seemed to be happy and doing their various jobs.

    I took some photos during this inspection and during my examination I found a odd looking newly emerged bee. She is a different color than the rest of her sisters. Any idea why she is almost solid gold in color? I watched other bees emerge and they all had stripes.

    This may bee a swarm cell. I found 4 queen cells in the hive. This was the only one on the side. It was located about 1/2 down the comb. The other queen cells are located on the face of the comb at or above the level of this one.
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