So was doing a hurried inspection of my hive this Sunday, trying to get all the bars accounted for before the rain clouds would hit (and sadly they didn't). I noticed on one of my hive the comb had some pimples, actually probably drone cells. Was interesting to see how distended the capped cells looked, honestly like a big old zit that needed some popping. Wish I had my camera at the time to get some pics.

Anyways, here is my question in regards to that: How much drone is too much drone?

I think in all that hive had maybe a handful (~5) capped drone cells on two bars. These are package bees installed on May 7th, one hive is building lots of comb on the south side of the hive but she is laying very regular, while the other is building evenly on the bars but her laying ( and their pollen storing) is a bit less regular. This irregular queen is the one with a few drone cells. At what point does drone cells become an issue?