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    Smile When to tranfer to TBH

    Just built a tbh today. I have a very small swarm in a mediam size super. I got them14 days ago. How and when and if it is possible would you tranfer to the tbh? This is a new experince for me.

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    Default Re: When to tranfer to TBH

    If you can cut comb and make it fit onto your top bars, then it'll go easy.

    If you cannot.... then I'd suggest getting the queen in a hair clip, then moving the bees over by hand. They will not want to abandon their brood. At 14 days you shouldn't have too much brood to deal with from a swarm (takes about 10 days to begin laying)

    Leave the queen in the hair clip for a couple days while the bees set up shop in their new home. 1:1 syrup doesn't hurt either.

    Good luck


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