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    Default Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    Looking for buckwheat seed. Last I ordered the shipping was as much as the seed. Need maybe 500 lbs. Closer to the east coast the better. Interested in significantly less mammoth clover seed. Pm will fill up, phone calls are preferred. 910 879 7685

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    Default Re: Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    I buy buckwheat and clover seed from a local farmers feed and seed type store. Cheap. There may be one near you and you could just pick it up. Good luck.


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    Default Re: Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    Don't be afraid to ask the local farmers co-op to order it. Local co-op does not carry it but will order anything from 50# up and they get it the next week.

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    Default Re: Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    yea we just hobby farm. Our ACS plant man is in hiding apparently. Havent been able to find him for a week. I'll look into it. But chances are we're still going to eat shipping. This had less to do with "can I get buckwheat" and more towards "Who has it towards the east, so I dont pay more in fuel than seed" I think the last we got was outta somewhere in the midwest. But thanks for the advice guys.

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    Default Re: Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    Hello skinner
    Southern States farm store has it here or will order.

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    Default Re: Buckwheat seed (maybe clover)

    Hey southern states it is. Thanks everybody!


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