Hi everyone,

I have a typical Lang and I know this is a TBH forum but I'm going foundationless and figured I'd get the usual, "don't go foundationless until you're really experienced" speech in the other forums.
That said, my hive is not quite two weeks old and I inspected today. First full inspection. Saw queen, a bit of capped brood, plenty of nectar/pollen, good progress on comb. Things look pretty darn good I think. My only issue is that in almost every frame, they've drawn a nice sheet of comb perfectly in line with the top of the frame, it's basically centered in the top bar of the frame. To one end of each frame though they have started another sheet of comb and that one is maybe 5 degrees off kilter with the top bar of the frame, almost like they didn't want to the two sheets to run into each other. On each instance of this I pushed that comb back into center as best I could, running it into the straight comb that's there, while trying not to damage either too much. My question is can I get them to build straight like this? Or will they never build that crooked comb straight no matter how much I prod them to and something more drastic is needed? Thanks all.