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    I am close to adding my third box to hives that I started this year. I am considering using a deep for my third box. Two deeps are normally used in this area for brood, but I would like to get a jump on drawing comb for any possible splits next spring.

    Are there any drawbacks to wintering in 3 deep boxes?

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    I go two deep boxes for brood. I add a third deep for super then 4th is a western. This serves two purposes. She will come up into the third box and lay some in the center frames. You can take that third and create a walk-a-way split with the brood in it. Or extract the honey in 1,2,3,7,8,9 create a nuc with the others etc. Give you some options and more built out frames to use next year. She also might not lay in the 3rd also.

    To answer your question. I winter in 2 deeps. I think that three give them to much unused space in the winter to try to keep warm. Also probably too much food.

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    The only downside to deeps in general and especially a third one, is when it is full of honey, and the thrid one will be sometime, it weighs almost a hundred pounds...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bush View Post
    it weighs almost a hundred pounds...
    I got my first experience with that last week.


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