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    Question They don't seem to want to use...

    some bars of comb left over from the winter. I have side wall entrances (like Phil Chandler's design) and on one end they are starting to draw new comb but on the other end they are leaving alone three bars of empty comb. Not going near these and these are not really that old. Why is this????

    I'm thinking of removing them and using them to fill with syrup later if I need to feed. I don't know what to think of this since this is my second season. Ideas?

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    Default Re: They don't seem to want to use...

    I have a survivor hive that is doing the same thing. Iím leaving them alone. I gave them the whole hive with no followers except on the very end to aid in easy inspections. They are rapidly filling in one direction and should soon start using the old comb. If you havenít removed the comb yet you can see what happens later. If they donít use it you can still lift it to fill with sugar if you need to.
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