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    Hello i am ilia pavliashvili from Georgia republic i am from beekeepers family i am looking for the job. could you help me in this case? everybody knows that Georgia is a bee country so i can halp you in all aspects of beekeeping(honey extracting bee pollen frame managing, winter prepearing, treatment and Queen rearing and give you my experirnce of beekeeping. we can exchange our idias about beekeeping. we have been keeping our bees for 20 years .i have 70 hives of bees in my garden i have been keeping them since my childhood i can work in your farm as foreighner beekeeper . i only need an invitation paperwork from you,
    Sincerely ilia pavliashvili. one problem is that i cant drive a long vehicle because i am 20 years old and i dont have a driving permission from the goverment to drive a long vehicle must be 21 years old and three years experience of driving i can work as a general farm worker or assistant
    salary rate 10-18$per hour deponding on experience. i would love to have avarage pay
    My contact datails:mobile +99598376725
    home (+995)32 605939
    my email
    my residental addrass:39th flat 39th building 10th A quartali Temqa Tbilisi Georgia Republic
    Sincerely ilia
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