Hi there,
New beek with two new packages of Italians installed on April 15. Everything seems to be going well in both hives with many similarities in the amount of comb drawn and in very much the same positions in each hive. One hive is noticably more active than the other outside the hive though each has about the same amount of brood, pollen etc. stored inside. Their sugar water intake has very much decreased in both so I have not opened either hive for a week.

I do however give each hive a quick check through the observation window each day and today I noticed a queen cell on the outer edge of some comb right next to the window. It is located a little lower than midway down the comb but no where near the bottom and is still open but I have not opened the hive so I have not looked up into the cell to see if anything is there.

What would you experienced people do? I am tempted to let them do what they do and hope that it is just a supercedue cell if they cap it but I am also interested in increasing the number of my hives so if this would be a good time to start a little nuc then that may be fun. I am always more interested in the survival of my hives over any kind of production and I love a challenge.

I do not know if there are more cells in there yet but I am assuming that there is. What would you do?