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    Default Best way to Feed Honey Bees In A OTBH??

    I installed a swarm of bees in my Observation Top Bar hive! My hive is 4 foot long with a flat roof and the sides are angled. Im using top bars with some bars with comb foundation and the rest with just a guide! Right now im feeding by using a zip lock bag but i took notice that there is alot of it just wasted by running out on to the ground. Any suggestions or better ideas on how to feed????

    I would like to have a triangular shaped top bar hive Divider feeder that fits tbh that have angled sides! But if nothing exists i was thinking about notching out the bottom of one of my follower boards since i made 2 of them and use a boardman feeder as a inside feeder instead of an outside entrance feeder! I have heard many of times that the entrance feeders creates robbing but i havent seen it for myself!....Thank you for your advice!
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