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    Question Small hive beetle control in TBH

    I have both a lang and a TBH with a package in each going on a month. Evidently they came with beetles because I started noticing them immediately. It doesn't seem that the TBH is having as bad a problem with them as the lang, but I am wondering what kind of control methods to use. None of the things I am doing in the lang ( tray of cooking oil under the SBB or beetle eater) seem like they would be practical in the TBH. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Small hive beetle control in TBH

    Try these, tie a string on them and slide them back in with a rod or something, to remove just pull out with the string.
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    Default Re: Small hive beetle control in TBH

    here's another link: Beetle trap
    Never tried it. I wonder if adding bait inside a hive will bring them in or not.
    There was another video of a guy using square cutouts of political signs. hey are a corrugated plastic. You can plug the ends with Crisco and fill the hollows with Borax. Supposedly the beetles are attracted to the lard, then chased into the borax filed holes where bees can't enter. Maybe someone has a link to that video.


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