but you not once suggest any way that commercial beekeepers have a better way to learn the details of how to best work with bee biology and communicate this to the broader beekeeping community for review, criticism and (hopefully) validation by the entire community!

What does THAT have to do with the price of rice in China? It doesn't.

Money talks, and BS walks.

I gave examples of commercial beekeepers (Allen Dick, Keith Jarrett) who found what worked best for them. They funded their research out of their own pocket. They earn their rewards by using their product to make them money. Heck, look at The Honey Householder's operation. Pests and diseases are NOT an issue in his operation.

Review, criticism, and validation are subjective things that DON'T generate profits. They are the feel good fluff; popularity contest crap that is emotion based - and that doesn't pay the bills.

You also bring up 'how to best work with bee biology'. Once again, more subjective theory that is NOT objective. Objective results are what keeps the beekeeper's operation profitable. That is what works best for the beekeeper's operation.