You wrote:
the "scientists" do not keep an open mind.
I wrote: that isn't true.

And it isn't. Science is about keeping an open mind. People that work in the scientific community every day like myself, know this. Once you make your mind up about something, you are useless in scientific inquiry. Once you trim the facts to fit your theory, your reputation as a scientist is shot.

One of the things we do on a weekly basis is to read a recent paper in our field and try to find all the faults with it. It is customary to try to shoot holes in a scientific hypothesis. We do this to each other and to our own theories. If the theory holds up under fire, it's a good one. If it doesn't it either needs to be revised or pitched out.

There was a theory that neonicotinoids were causing colony collapse in Europe. A lot of beekeepers wanted that theory proved! But the facts wouldn't fit into the theory. Sure, neonics caused some bee die offs, but they didn't cause most die offs. Turned out, the hives were all in pretty bad shape due to varroa mites, and were full of miticide residues.

You wrote:
comments like the above, based on YOUR perception
Of course it's based on my perception. What else do I have to use? We are all blessed with perception and thought. I perceive people criticizing scientists for being close minded and I think, that's not true. It's just the opposite. That's what I think. I don't know why others think differently. That's what we are trying to find out.