Hello--Am a total "newbie" on this website, and, what's more, NOT a beekeeper ( -- just a life-time avid consumer and user of raw honey (mostly in tea, but also in cooking and baking)... Therefore, please forgive my great lack of knowledge on anything having to do with beekeeping .

I came upon this website upon my attempt, yesterday, to find an online reference that would tell me the source of the following problem--and am hoping someone here can clarify the problem .

Trying to support our local economy/farmers/beekeepers/etc., I bought a large jar of raw honey from a local beekeeper yesterday. (He evidently has been doing this for a few years and had all his certificates or licenses displayed.) When I got home and tasted the honey, it shocked me, because the honey had a "bite" to it. The only thing I could associate the background taste with was---lighter fluid! I researched a bit online, and found a reference saying that when one is smoking out a hive (hope that is the correct way of phrasing it), one should never use lighter fluid or butane.

Can that be the reason why the honey has that odd, very unpleasant taste? I would feel awkward going back to the gentleman and claiming this, if I can't be sure--(and even then, I still will feel awkward...)

Also, the honey is opaque (not creamy), although it isn't cold and doesn't have any cappings, etc. in it. The raw honey I typically buy in stores (organic, mostly) is usually pretty "clear." Is the opaqueness normal (no filtering), or is that also something to be concerned about?

Sorry for sounding like such a novice and so uninformed, even though I've been having honey for years! Thank you very much in advance for anyone's expert opinion, here ! I hope to be back and learn some more! This is a neat site!