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    I am actually the daughter of a bee keeper. My Dad has three sets of bees right now. He has had them for several years. My parents invite all the grandkids over when it is time to spin the combs for honey. It is a blast for everyone. My Dad is not a big user of computers and asked me to join to ask a question for him. Having seen what an awesome site this is, I intend to go to his house and help him get set up with this forum and help him learn to navagate it! Thanks for letting me be a part!

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    Welcome ask away!

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    Good deal! I have a daughter whom I love immensely, but she just doesn't get into this bee thing of mine! My actual name is Bud... I keep telling her that when she gets older and has kids that I'm gonna teach "Little Bud" about bees!!! Shes just 12 now...

    And, for the record, she says she wont name her son Bud if she has one.
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