Hello everyone,

I would like to show off a new machine designed to manufacture Bee Boxes.

I am the manufacturer, so if the powers that be...decide that I should be in another forum or such, please redirect me.

To introduce myself, My company is Woodman Engineering in Redding Ca. My main goal in life is to design and build automated production machinery.

A local bee keeper mentioned that they wanted something better than what they had. I had been wanting to build a machine for some time, to machine the box joint, rack shelf (3/8 rabet), and Scalloped hand hold from pre sized box panels.

Our first machine has been running for just under a year. Running as needed, has produced about 30,000 Boxes.

Daily production can be as high as 1000 boxes per day. Future goals are to be at 1400 to 1500 BOXES per 8 hour shift.

I can be reached at hankb@woodamneng.com or 530-243-8753

I have pictures, and some video to share if requested. Can I post pictures here?

Thanks, Hank Bosman