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    Default Looking for used equipment in southwest

    Hello, I am looking for used hive bodies, tops, bottoms ect. in AZ or NM.

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    Default Re: Looking for used equipment in southwest

    Hello, MTINAZ:
    I'm in New Mexico and have all kinds of good used equipment which I can sell. I have bottoms, deeps, mediums, shallows, inner covers, telescoping tops and other equipment such as frames, foundation, nailing jigs, Kelly wax melters and separating buckets... even one small hand-cranked extractor, stainless steel and could be converted to electric motor and belt-drive... suits, veils and smokers...
    Over 41 years of beekeeping, I bought-out several other beekeepers, large and small, and at one time was running 1400 colonies and had all equipment for 2000 -- double-deeps with four mediums up.
    Over the past 4-5 years, I cut back on my colony numbers and have a warehouse chock-full of good, sound equipment, carefully stored and well-maintained.

    Depending on what you need, it could be possible for you to come here, or send me a detailed list by PM here and I could load what your need and meet in Santa Fe or Albuquerque...


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